Cashes Policy


It is the policy of EKOKEN NIGERIA LIMITED to carry out its business activities in such a manner that no fatality or injuries or damage to property arises. Every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard and protect all that work for us including third parties and host communities. Positive attitude to safety shall be rewarded as incentive. Detailed work safe procedures are in place and quality site management visit must be implemented.

In order to ensure an available performance, the following strategies will be adopted:

• The continuous identification of accident causes
• The control of accident causes
• The minimization of accident losses

EKOKEN NIGERIA LIMITED will ensure relevant HSE training is in place for all its employees. Work may affect any or every system of the human body. It is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazards is established, monitored and controlled. The company retains the services of good clinics to take care of the workers. Staff and other personnel are encouraged to make use of these facilities. The company places great emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept and the protection of workers.

EKOKEN NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to ensure clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. We take Environmental Sanitation Program seriously. We take Active Promotion of Safe Environmental Sanitation Program seriously. Active promotion is not only essential but also a good business. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of dust and disposal of chemicals injurious to health. It is expected of every employee to adhere to and provide a safe, healthy and good & acceptable environment both at home and work.