Ekoken Nigeria Limited engage in prompt and timely delivery of construction materials such as Granite and Sands; we also deliver petroleum products such as PMS, AGO and ATK on behalf of our customer/clients across the country with our large fleet of trucks. Our trucks are equipped with comprehensive security/ tracking features and discharging metering facilities.

We also offer lease and rental services.
Our equipment listings consist of a fleet of both owned and partnered in order to effectively deliver projects of any magnitude. Our corporate synergy with other related partners flourishes this fact hence we boast of a robust stock.

We assemble, supply, import, export, buy, sell and otherwise deal in machines, engines, electrical equipment, hardware and goods of kinds.

We engage in the business of installing, repairing, servicing and maintaining machinery, plant, appliances and equipment of all kinds.

We undertake the planning, design, development, building, construction, testing and maintenance of engineering works and products of all description and to alter, enlarge, pull down, restore, modify and demolish buildings, offices, factories, mills, work, wharves, roads, railways, dams, waterways and culverts and general construction services.

Project Management

Many organizations have experienced failed implementation exercise due to lack of project management ability. Our expertise in project management techniques entails the employment of Total Quality Management concept for every project supervised.

Contracting Services

EKOKEN NIGERIA LIMITED assumes the level of contracting responsibility that the client requires. The “system suppliers” role facilitates the highest level of contracting responsibility where EKOKEN NIGERIA LIMITED is held responsible for the overall project from assessment of user needs to final completion providing ultimate contracting comfort for the client.