Ekoken Nigeria Limited is an innovative and performance driven company established in 2009 and since inception the company looks back on an outstanding success story and looking forward to a continued growth.
Ekoken Nigeria Limited has a fascinating profile and well planned strategic programme to expand her operations overtime to build a high reputation in Engineering and Oil and Gas Services, the company comprises of highly experienced and competent personnel with vast Engineering experience within her area of operation, this further avail us of high quality standard in our service delivery.
We offer cost saving, quality and expertise services in the procurement, construction, installation, supply and man power supply.


Our team of professional engineers and designers provide effective design services for industrial and manufacturing projects. Whether you are modifying your current plant facilities, integrating new equipment, upgrading existing equipment, or looking for specialty services, Ekoken Nigeria Limited stands ready to take on your industrial engineering projects. Whether modifying your current plant facilities, upgrading existing […]

National Brand

Ekoken Nigeria Limited understands that effective growth of national brands depends on efficient building programs and mastery of emerging industry trends. Our professional engineering services can help you uncover solutions to reduce costs and improve functionality. Whether to reduce cost or improve functionality, our engineers uncover solutions for you. Our services are designed to: Reduce […]

Owners & Developers

Ekoken Nigeria Limited understands that successful real estate ownership and development requires achieving and maintaining sustainable operating costs. Our professional engineering services for owners and developers include evaluating parameters and costs of HVAC, lighting, electrical, plumbing, structural, and specialty systems to help you maintain an efficient operating budget. Successful real estate development and ownership requires […]

Why Choose Us


We know you desire quality service delivery. So we give you the very best service delivery based on the various ISO standards. We deliver and manage the technology to deliver the superior results you need. Let us baffle you with our innovative inventions in marine logistics, dredging and associated services.

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We make it very easy to work by taking care of all of the pre-work formalities. We will expertly attend to your specifications in a style that you’ll love. We offer a wide range of services for you to choose from. We make it very simple. Allow us remove all the stress from your shoulders.

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Once you work with Ekoken, you’ll never want to work elsewhere. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction and our adherence to Standards in our service. Give us the opportunity to satisfy you. We have a highly qualified technical team to manage the requirements and performance of design sub-contractors including any specialized services. Our team has […]

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