Owners & Developers

banner2Ekoken Nigeria Limited understands that successful real estate ownership and development requires achieving and maintaining sustainable operating costs. Our professional engineering services for owners and developers include evaluating parameters and costs of HVAC, lighting, electrical, plumbing, structural, and specialty systems to help you maintain an efficient operating budget.

Successful real estate development and ownership requires maintenance of value and sustainable operating costs. Our team is skilled at estimating costs, including those of HVAC, lighting, power, plumbing, structural, and specialty systems.

By evaluating the parameters and costs of your project, we can help you assess the need for conceptual design, design development, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration, implementing only the phases needed.

Identification of Property Issues

Our experienced team can efficiently identify the root cause of tenant complaints and system performance issues. Using cutting edge analysis, we can recommend solutions to lower your property’s operating costs and increase its attractiveness in the market.

Our team is committed to helping you stay ahead of schedule. We understand what it takes to keep projects running efficiently:

  • Sensitivity to urgent timelines
  • Accessible and responsive teams
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Experienced, efficient engineering strategies

We can help you evaluate the trade-offs between first costs and operating costs, increasing your property’s appeal to potential owners and tenants. We work with your schedule to visit your property and gather relevant information as quickly as possible. In addition, our engineers are abreast of industry leading solutions for common problems developers may encounter.